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Apple Tech Desk by Slate Pro

Designed for your office, home, or apartment and made for professionals, students, designers, gamers, or just anyone with a desk. You won't have to organize your SlatePro, it was designed to organize you. It's your personal TechDesk. It's an entirely new way to experience technology at your desk.
Out of the Box Features: The SlatePro's desk space fits any size computer or laptop. It has multiple display docks for all your mobile devices – phone or tablet. The air vents provide constant cooling for your laptop and other tech products. Plus, it has a heavy duty mousepad that sits flush against the surface. Not to mention, the SlatePro was installed with a filing rack, pen dock, and a recessed cup holder to eliminate any device damage.
Obsessive Attention to Detail: The SlatePro's surface is cut from pure, premium bamboo and protected by a sheet of clear acrylic. It's super strong, very light weight, and it will support your computer with ease. The desk's steel legs are completely hand-crafted. They create the perfect height and are made by some of the best metal workers in the USA.

MacBook Air Dock

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Portable iPhone Charger

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